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About Us

About Us

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Our Story

Since 1970

We are  a leading machines and production lines manufacturer.


In eddition, WhiteSteel GmbH is one of the largest technology suppliers for  pharmaceutical, chemical, food production lines. such as, for  a wide range of other industries.

More over, White Steel GmbH is specialized in machinery, as well as,  process technology and components. Besides, white Steel GmbH provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes, in diverse end-user markets. And, We offers a comprehensive service portfolio.

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Who we are

As an international technology manufacturer. Also, white Steel GmbH focus on the development production of food, pharma and chemical technology. In edition to, a sophisticated and efficient production methods in a variety of end markets.

Our security

Customers information, solutions given, type of production has always been a secured information for us. all the data received or given will be under our company responsibility, and a very close circle will have the access to our customers information.

Our process

white Steel GmbH is active in a variety of demanding industries, in edition to, an offering, which includes process technology, solutions and services for the food, beverage, chemical, pharma, dairy processing, dairy farming and more.

Work Process at a glance

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Signing contract with your company

Our sales department will sign a contract with your company.

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Designing your production line.

Our professional engineers will design your production line

or your machine.

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Manufacturing Process

After you review your drawing our engineers will start the production line or the machines design on the way that will feet your needs and requests.

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Assembling process

After finishing the machine or production line manufacturing process , and the edited version our engineers will start assembling your order

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Shipping process

The final Process of our work is to make the shipment to the final destination of your caompany.

Pharma Production Lines

Chemicals Production Lines

Food Production Lines

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